Woodland Fairy Door!


Once upon a time on a small walk in rural England with my darling Dean by my side, we came upon a tree that despite its splendour seemed to have something missing.


I dark hole in the wide old trunk gaped darkly, and anyone, good intentioned or not, could easily invade it and cause possible havoc in the neighbourhood. What it needed was a door, and so the plan to make and install one started.

Before continuing our merry way back home, Little Deano and his brother Big Deano both had a good time running away for some adventures. Little D digging in the dirt and Big D trying to sneak up on him from behind through a back door in the tree trunk, bum first.


It took its time before all the stages of realising the idea was finally executed. Several drafts and failed models. It started with a draft on paper that turned out to be somewhat big, but it still worked well to use as a template. Here next to the balsa wood version.


I then tried to give the door a look of being made of several strips of wood fit together, quite easily done with a wire brush a scalpel and some patience.


Balsa door with hinges and handle fitted.


When the door looked good enough, I fit a strip of clay around it to keep the latex I was going to use to make a mold from seeping in under it. As it was my first attempt I made several mistakes, but thankfully none of those were crucial. Varnishing the wood to keep it from clinging very hard to the latex mold would however have been a very good idea. 😉


Covered by several layers of much too old liquid latex. Took a number of days for it to reach a nice thickness.

As I want the things I make to last for as long as possible, I decided on using dental stone/dental plaster. A bit confused as to what the proper English word is, in Sweden we call it ‘formgips’. I added some black pigment to the plaster mix since I didn’t want the bright white plaster shine through in case the door got chipped somewhere along the way of arriving at its new home.


It admittedly doesn’t look like much yet. Neither does it help that I shot every picture of the process in the middle of the night 🙂 But after being dry brushed with diluted brown pigment it, plus getting its final handle, it looked much nicer.

It took several flights across the sea to fit and refine it. On returning to the awaiting tree we realise the door is much too big to fit, so back in the bag it went for future adjustments.


With a dremel we managed to reduce the size quite a bit. All it took was a house and clothes covered in dust 🙂



This is what we were left with.


And so, one afternoon not long ago, our work was completed and the door was finally put in place. Just in case, we had packed some assorted tools, glue and a flask of rosehip soup, and the bear brothers, of course. Nothing of value is ever done without them.

They quickly jumped out of the bag and ran off doing their thing.


Eww! Smell old poo in here. That you Lil’ D?




Hehee! Looks Big D! Us can see the top of the human’s heads from up here!

Despite all efforts to arrive with a door that fit like a glove, we didn’t 😉


A bit more filing and sanding and soon it was installed to the great mirth of the whole gang!



Moss and lichen inserted to make it look as if had been there for a long time, but also to cover up the fact that the fit never got quite perfect.

Packing up to return home and looking back at our accomplishment was a feeling worth waiting for. How I wish I could see the reaction of people who pass walking their dog and/or their kids. Imagining them will have to be enough, and is.

IMG_1964I have been thinking of possible things to add to make it look even more homely. Any suggestions would be greatly welcomed! 🙂

During the process of which this door was made I have refined the way I go about making fairy doors. Thankfully, you learn from prior mistakes so you can make new and better ones 🙂

A small glimpse of more recent doors.

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Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed your visit and hope to see you back soon 🙂


7 responses to “Woodland Fairy Door!

    • Thanks, honey! Ja, you have to go over there soon and see so it’s still doing okay. And maybe come up with something more to add.

      I’m happy you do. They were very happy bears and will be soon again :o)

      x x x

      And thanks so much for re-blogging the post 🙂 x x x


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