Caterpillar Encounter!

A thing as mundane as having a walk to the wash-house, can suddenly be turned into an exciting encounter with the unknown, depending on how little you need to awaken that spirit of adventure. I met this little fellow on the path, exchanged a few words of mutual delight to see each other, he then made me promise to bring him home for a visit on my way back. Admittedly, I told him of some lovely maple leaves turning reddish and he couldn’t wait to have a look and feel.

I know the images may seem very much alike, but I assure you they really aren’t 😉







Trying to look intimidating, but not succeeding very well!




Grain of sandy soil on its furry back!

Tip of the tail (svanst

Tip of the tail (‘svanstipp’ in Swedish) 😉

For the caterpillar enthusiast, I’m overjoyed to be able to present a couple of clips of my beautiful guest as well. The first clip is breathtaking and full of drama, not to spoil anything but it includes a fall from a great height 😉

Climbing Caterpillar

The second clip takes place back on earth, racing through the grass. I think he may have had an appointment to keep.

Racing across soil and through grass

If anyone knows what kind of caterpillar this is, and what it will eventually transform into, please comment and tell!

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed the visit! Hopefully there will be reason to soon return. 🙂



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