Hand Sewn e-reader Leather Case!

Hello again! Doing well I hope, be it summer or turning winter where you are! Where I live it is supposed to be summer, and it was sunny and warm last Saturday so I guess that’s summer until next year.
Joking aside, I will be doing some traveling in the next few days, it’s time to go visit my beloved and his garden situated in the loveliest rural village in England. Last visit I received the great gift of a binatone e-reader and it has been a dear companion since to pass time. As I value it a lot I wanted to make something useful in which I can carry it safely when leaving the house and now that it’s finished I naturally want to show it off! I found a great site for inspiration when it comes to custom leather work called High on Glue, particularly this post was very useful!

I started out cutting some 3 mm vegetable tanned leather in size to fit my binatone.



Then commenced to cut the corners using a roll of thread as template and sand them into a somewhat equal shape.



After a couple of hours soaking in water (you never know when your foot bath bowl will come in handy) it was time to make some sort of pattern on the cover front for decoration. I had many ideas but as I was short on time I decided to go for an image that lay very close to my heart. A drawing of the wonderful Mrs Blackbird made by my love, the artist Dean Harkness . She spent a lot of time in the garden last year, brooding her chicks, feeding them and getting fed by us both. She was greatly missed when she disappeared, still is.


Mrs Blackbird

As I don’t have any particular tools for beveling/tooling leather I used what I had, mostly a leather awl. The image turned out good enough but her head and beak left some things to be wished for. However, as a first try I am still very happy with it.


I used Fiebing’s Acrylic Antique Leather Stain medium brown to colour the front and back, and a dark brown, extremely soft elk hide was glued to both sides and put under pressure for 24 hours.




Using a chisel I punched the holes for stitching, and spine in the same elk hide as the lining attached, first with glue and then with saddle stitches.



I cannot say how long the stitching took but I finished it in a couple of days. Fingers were awfully sore and tender afterwards but I feel that all the work certainly paid off.

Here photographed on the grass in all angles a sunny evening.


The seam turned out a bit crooked on the back spine since I fastened two of the leather strips to hold the e-reader in the wrong order. If I ever make another one I will remember not to do that.



I love how it has a feel of having been used for some time already. The leather is smooth to the touch and it lays flat, folds around the e-reader perfectly without a strap of some sort to keep it closed. I wasn’t sure it would but lack of time made me skip that part, no loss as it turned out.

Attaching the straps to fit properly was tricky, and I chose a few different ways to do it. The idea of fitting a piece of elastic to one of them was brilliant. As I only had white elastic I used ‘narvsvärta’ to colour it brown and as shown that worked pretty well.



Not that the binatone plays videos, but if it did I could very well put it on edge and have the case support it while I watched 🙂



Another thing I have missed is a case for the mobile phone. I made one last winter that I put a bit of work into, but managed to leave it behind in a dressing room while trying on clothes. I can only hope someone found it and made use of it so it didn’t end up in a bin somewhere.

phone case

This version is simpler but it does the job. Used the same soft elk hide and saddle stitched it together, for now it hangs around my neck with a chain until I find a fitting brown string to replace it with.


Following my habit of sitting too long on a draft before posting, I can happily inform the world that it did the job during my travel and continues to do so.

Many thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you again soon! 🙂


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