“Sorry, but I need to get this off my chest!”

I just read a short but heartfelt blog post on Genusdebatten (The Gender Debate) that I find of utmost importance.
It left me with a knot in my stomach, a feeling I share with the author and many others, but it needs to be felt by more people as the subject points to the struggle faced by so many young boys and men today. Their struggle is rarely acknowledged as society is mostly concered with the wellbeing of girls and women.
The words to follow are written by @ninnis_tankar, a woman I don’t hesitate to equivalate to the @girlwriteswhat of Sweden.
The clarity and sense with which she points to things in society that will prove fatal to our boys in a near future if we don’t do our very best to put a stop to it, is a never ceasing (I hope) well from which to learn and gain courage and hope.

As the original post is written in Swedish I felt I had to attempt a translation so more people get the opportunity to read it. People really need to wake up to the fact that boys are hurting badly.

“For just over an hour we spoke tonight, my son and I.
He was angry and sad…
Angry because of the misandry spewed by society.
Saddened by the recurring discrimination.

I am white, I am male… but what have I done wrong?

My stomach is in a knot now,
it hurts as deeply into the soul as you can possibly get.
My son, my light, the most valuable part of my life
is abused by the society I call my country.

He is white, he is male… But what has he done wrong?

Just over an hour later, red eyed and jaded.
he looks at me and says:
Thank you, dearest mum, it feels better now,
but what would I have done without you?

He is white, he is male… But what has he done wrong?

Impregnated by love he is confident and strong
and when life gets tough he knows where I am.
But what will happen, what will become
of all the young men who maintain all wall of silence?

They are white, they are male… But what have they done wrong?”


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