Weekend Walkabout!

Hello everyone! It has been a while since I posted anything so I thought it a good idea to show you some of the pictures I shot a number weekends ago when I was lucky to get the chance of borrowing a car for a few days. Always nice to be able to go a little further than my recurring walk to the shop 🙂 It is also a reminder of much there is to see close to home if you only take the time and make the effort to get out.

I went to a small bay where I often visited 25 years ago or so. I have been there since, but no more than a handfull times. Directly translated, the place goes by the name ‘The Rooster’, and I do recall more than one of the kind running about causing mischief in the woods and nearby gardens, this day they were however conspicuously absent! There were other creatures accompanying me instead! 😉

IMG_6577 ps




It soon started to rumble, the colors were absolutely magnificient as the sky kept changing every minute. I captured hundreds of moments before hurrying back to the car with camera things stuck under my shirt and water pouring down my neck! 😀

IMG_6647 v ps

IMG_6632 ps


IMG_6657 ps


IMG_6683 ps










Now… end of summer being far gone, I easily place myself back on the small bridge when I look at the photos. However hard it is to imagine right now, warmth and lush grass will soon return!

IMG_6675 f

Thank you for stopping by, sincerly hope you enjoyed the visit! 🙂


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