Handsewn shirt with Celtic themed embroidery!

Ta-daa! I have finally finished the red flannel shirt I started  some months back! You got to love therapy when it comes without charge and gives you a one of a kind shirt at the end of the last session 🙂

No particular patterns used for this one, just my own measurements adapted to the pieces of square and rectangle fabric.

I started with hemming all pieces by hand before continuing with the embroidery. The embroidery patterns I used, and adjusted some to fit, I have found online, but as that is a long time ago,  I am afraid I cannot give credit where credit is due.


Celtic knot pattern for the neckline.

I drew the pattern on paper and continued to punch little holes in the lines. Having placed the paper on top of the fabric I then made tiny dots with a pen through the holes that later on was connected to outline the embroidery. If you find that description as difficult to understand as I do when I read it, maybe this picture makes it a little clearer 😉


All done and needles and threads are warming up 🙂


Photographing red objects continue to be a nightmare. It doesn’t help that many pictures are shot at night but that’s just how it is *sigh*

Here is a picture of the finished neckline embroidery, before being cut and attached the shirt body.


As always, there is a lot of thinking before daring to sew it onto the body and cut it. Have to make sure, at least five times, that the neckline facing will end up with the right side showing on the shirt. Do not want to end up with it showing on the inside 😉

Here the facing (in other words the embroidery) is sewn to the shirt body with small stitches, right side against wrong side of body (not completely sure I got that right 😉 ) What we see is the backside of the embroidery, the front is hopefully a bit neater. I have also dared to make the cut! Yay me!


The facing turned. As the attentive reader may notice, I haven’t yet embroidered the bird eyes, but I remembered to, before it was too late 😉


And so the last step, fitting the embroidered facing, pinning and stitching it!


Found out that my kitchen floor is about a shirt long, that information may come in handy one day 😀


Or it may not 😉


No, I haven’t forgotten the underarm squares, I just couldn’t find them for a few days, but here they are!


As you can see, by now the sleeve embroideries are done as well. Same procedure to transfer the pattern to the fabric, and a number of well spent days to finish it.



Sleeves side by side.

Picture of underarm squares on a sunny balcony!


And here they are partly stitched onto sleeve and body of shirt, enjoying the same sun I might add!



It needs to be said that blogging about different projects I start is a huge help to finish them and not just leave them in a corner almost done!  I should have started doing so ages ago 😉

With the help of my lovely daughter, I had the opportunity to once again have some shots taken outdoors. Here at the beach where I spent a lot of time growing up. There’s not a stone I don’t know and haven’t leaped across with feet as used to them as if they were extensions of my toes. Now, however, I nearly slip before I tread on them 😉





With a big leap that reminds me I’m eight years old no longer, I shake the sand from my shoes and feel good about Spring being here again, and I can continue with the next project, which is a wraparound dress made from one of the Japanse sewing books from a former post that you can find here if you want to have a look 🙂


What makes me feel even better than the Spring sun is that in sixteen days I will see my own special ray of sunshine. He goes by the name of  Dean and I can’t wait to share my new shirts with him 🙂

Thank you for stopping by! Please ‘like’ and share the post if you feel so inclined. In any case I wish you a peaceful day and a good cup of tea until we meet again! 🙂

What’s that? Oh… sorry Deano Bear! Of course I wasn’t about to forget that you tried it on too!


‘Sumfings wrong here, n’ it’s not me head is too big!’


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